Yochi (pronounced YOH-chee) is a player on the game Free Realms. The name derives from the japanese word for earth, and was used because a similar word, Tsuchi, was taken. Over the years, Yochi regrets using the name for its japanese roots, for many mistaken identity issues and unwanted nicknames.

Summer 2009

Yochi joined the game back on June 3, 2009 under the username of "Kaze Leafwind." Not much is known about this time period, but the user obtained membership and created Yochi on June 26, 2009.

Yochi encountered many friends during his time on Free Realms, the main ones being Kusabana Himegimi, Kenneth Diamondgem, and Draco Dravon. Together, they learned of the hazardous hackers on the game, and strived to put a stop to them, no matter the cost.


Yochi's entire personality seems to be at odds with eachother, which he usually struggles with. He is calm, yet restless; optimistic, yet pessimistic; stubborn, yet open-minded. His main focus throughout the Hacker Hunter saga is to combine these personalities so that he can function as a normal human being, and not be at an extreme on either side.

Despite this, he does have quite a few distinct traits. He seems to cover up a lonely interior with an almost arrogant shell, causing a lot of problems with the people who surround him. He will not agree with authority, however this is more because of his age, rather than personality.

Jealousy comes up a few times in Yochi's life, clouding his vision of what is wrong and right. He envies anyone who is more important than him, and strives to be better. He acknowledges this trait, however, and t


Yochi in his signature Swirl Shirt.

ries his best to surpress these urges, at times saving a friendship or two.

One thing that defines Yochi, however, is his ability to understand. No matter what happens, he can use a part of his past to empathize. This plays a major role in his friendships, and forming of.

Abilities and Powers

Yochi's class is a wind warrior, and can use many air-based moves in conjunction with his axe.


More to come.


  • Yochi's colors associate with wind as well, and he is generally seen with a green shirt paired with white pants, or a similar variation.
  • Yochi's name translates into Earth, the element he is strong against.